• Thursday, May 5, 2022

WebGo is very pleased to announce a brand new function and feature of our advanced web site and system - the capacity for customers to quickly, and easily transfer their domain names to us, eliminating time wasted by having to visiting multiple web companies, and the capacity to manage all of your domain names under one roof, one system - giving you peace of mind. 

Our customers know that they will get outstanding service when they register, and set-up any product or service with WebGo, and that's why we know that our customers will simply appreciate and love that there is now a function within the WebGo system that makes their life a lot easier. 

The WebGo domain transfer form can be accessed 24/7 x 365 days of the year, and is in essence this is what WebGo customers (through feedback surveys and focus groups) have told us that they wanted to see as part of our product and service offering in the future. 

WebGo takes the views of our customers very seriously, and we act on those views to ensure that we have only the best products, services, and options for our customers on the market today. 

To take advantage of our outstanding new domain name transfer system simply visit the WebGo web site, and click on the link that says 'Store' and then 'Transfer Domains to us', and this link will take you directly to the page, and the form that will quite literally give you the option to transfer a domain name to our system with minimal fuss. 

WebGo also has a very special offer for our new and existing customers. For certain domain transfers we offer the option to extend your domain name renewal for up to one year... without having to pay anything extra, so that's an extra one years domain name renewal free of charge*. 

WebGo knows and understands that it can be a long and drawn out process when attempting to transfer multiple domain names, however we can walk you through the process of getting all of your existing domain names into our system in a faster, easier, and more straightforward way. If you have five or more domain names, then get in contact with our domain name team today to see how we can process all of these domain names quickly and easily for you. 

* Excludes certain TLDs and recently renewed domains