Black Friday Sales – Why Your Online Shop Should Cash In on Holiday Events

Everybody knows that most if not all big retailers take advantage of holiday goodwill by cashing in on ‘the moment’ – so the question really should be asked – if you’re not beating them, why aren’t you cashing in by joining them on holiday event promotions?

Research has suggested that consumers are far more likely to buy, or make a purchase if it’s tied to something they need, and are even more likely to do so around events where there needs to be a result of goodwill (i.e. Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc).

The discretionary spending element of human behaviour largely occurs around, or after the main holiday event (i.e. Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday sales (USA), Christmas, followed by Boxing Day Sales in Australia). So the potential for any business to do well around these events is evidently there, given that others businesses are also marketing their products and services at rock bottom, unbeatable prices that you don’t tend to get in normal parts of the year.

Businesses who run a web site should be optimising their web site to take advantage of these holiday sales events by changing content, imagery, and marketing materials to reflect the time of the year, or the event and promotion that you’re running.

WebGo has a suite of products that enable web site owners, and developers to optimise, and improve their web site in preparation for, and during the engagement period of any sales event. WebGo works with leading e-commerce suppliers to structure clients websites to meet these demanding events.

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