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The Best Ways to Keep Your Website Secure

The best five ways of keeping your website secure lies in understanding firstly how your web site works, and how its set-up, and secondly what defensive mechanisms there are in place to thwart and stop attacks,. First line of defence – the ‘first line of defence’ principle is what’s most important when considering that this […]


The Benefits of an SSL Certificate

That little lock you see on the right side of your URL address bar offers more than just encrypting connections between browsers and web sites, they can and often do offer multiple benefits to organisations and customers. To allow for an encryption layer in communications and services – Beyond what has always been considered what […]


10 Things You Can Do to Stay Safe Online

In this day and age IT Security has become the buzzword around the office watercooler, but how seriously are you really taking your IT security? A recent Cisco IT Security report highlighted just how lax security policies and procedures are in some well known and established companies, and organisations. The arrival of new and improved […]

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