Global Domain Name Sales 2017

WebGo – the Australian-based online services company today announced its annual ‘global domain name sales’ report for the financial year ending 2017.

The report highlights market sentiment for domain name ownership globally, and ranks domain names according to market segments, demographics, and consumer behavior more generally.

In the report it was noted that overall ownership of domain names had increased incrementally over the 12 month period, but so too had the necessity of owning a piece of the global digital web estate in order to keep up with consumer-driven demand for products and services.

The end of 2017 showed that prices for domain names were on the rise, indicating the necessity of a domain name (and website) for businesses, charities, and anyone else trying to get their name out to the global market via the world wide web. The sale of two top level domain names – for US$250,000 and for US$200,000 – are indicative of this.

The report ranked the top 20 sales of 2017, and eighteen were .com’s, whilst one was a ccTLD ( for US$88,000) and the other a non .com gTD ( for $70,000). There are a total of 39 five-figure sales, and 180 four figure sales.

For country codes, the largest sale was the Canadian domain name – (above). Followed by at $14,400. Three European domain name sales – for the .eu country code – made the top 20 list, whilst seven purchases were made for the .de German country code.

For non .com gTLDs, the highest sale was for $70,000, whilst all the other top twenty sales were for four figure amounts.

The annual report helps to inform WebGo’s decision making in the domain name space, and is used as a means to help WebGo’s clients make more informed and better decisions around the sale of domain names under management.

For further information, visit our domain registry today.

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