Leading Web Design Trends for 2018

There’s always been a popular saying in web design – ‘build it and they will come, design it well and they will STAY’ – nothing can be further from the truth when you consider that most if not all of the most successful brands have been successful largely as a result of their design – whether it be Google with its minimalist and simplistic design and layouts, to Facebook’s distinctive blue styling, or even smaller brands incorporating their logo into a watermarked background, each and every web design helps to tell the story of a brand.

With the above in mind its important to note that leading web design trends also help the user to either be more present, or more engaged.

The following leading web design trends illustrate the importance of this consideration when building for the web.

Mobile responsive design – this web site trend exemplifies the importance of designing for the mobile generation. While this an emerging trend it’s importance has been as relevant as long as mobile devices have been able to access web sites.

In addition to this trend, the following considerations should also be factored in to any web design.

  • Mobile stacks
  • Flat design
  • Broken grid layouts
  • Expressive typography
  • Bold layouts and catchy colours
  • Brand journeying

Artificial intelligence, and chat bots –  the rise of machines is coming faster than we’ll be able to flick the switch – that’s why it’s vital to incorporate AI and chat bots into any web design.

Scalable vector graphics – consisting of a combination of graphics, logos, and formats across the spectrum of web design.

Asymmetrical grids, fluid shapes, and sharper colours – split screen designs are in fashion, so too are fluid shapes (i.e. broken grid layouts), and sharper more noticeable and distinctive colours.

Subtle and scrolling animations – these are the very essence of what brings a cool web design to life, and improves the capacity for a brand or business to tell its story more effectively, by using eye catching, and memorable animations.

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