How to configure Remote Backups using cPanel

This article helps to cover configuring Remote SFTP, and backing up using FTP (File Transer Protocol) in cPanel.


FTP and SFTP are not the same despite their acronyms bearing similarities. FTP is not secure, and doesn't using encrpytion. SFTP utilises a different protocol using SSH (Secure Shell) to securely send and receive files. When possible use SFTP or FTPS (secured FTP) to send your backups to the remote server. WebGo supports both protocols, but recommends using SFTP where possible. 

Once you've created your FTP backup credentials login to WHM at your domain

Once you've logged-in, type 'backup-config' in the top left search bar. From here select 'Backup Configuration. 

The 'Backup Configuration' screen will present the option 'Additional Destinations' tab, click on this option. 

Once you've selected FTP, or SFTP from the 'Destination Type' dro-down selection the 'Create New Destination' button to access the page to allow you to configure your remote FTP, or SFTP back-up destination. 

Once you've entered your SFTP or FTP account credentials choose 'Save' and 'Validate Destination. Backups should then your remote space after the next scheduled backup time. 


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