How to change the frequency of log bandwidth processing

This tutorial covers how to change the frequence of log bandwidth processing. 

  1. Log in to your WHM: SERVER-IP/WHM
  2. Type "Statistics Software Configuration" in the top left search boxcpanel
  3. At the bottom right, change the frequency of Log/Bandwidth Processing (we recommend using 12 hours)

Note: You can further specify when you do not want these statistics to run by clicking on 'Configure Statistic Process Time Schedule.' Here you can click on the hours you do not want statistics to run. This is useful because it will prevent unneeded resource usage on your server during business hours. Having the logs run every 2 hours means a resource intensive process is scheduled to start every 2 hours and usually takes longer than 2 hours to run especially on servers with many domains. As such, the process runs most of the day, causing website and page loading times to be much slower.


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