How to Create Backups on a Business Hosting Package

This article provides information on initiating a backup on your business hosting package in cPanel. 


To create bacups of a cPanel account please follow these steps. (NOTE: The graphics shown in this article were taken on a cPanel account using the Paper Lantern theme. If you are using Paper Lantern's Retro theme, your cPanel will look different, but the steps will be the same):

1. Log into cPanel and select "Backup":

2. Select "Download a Full Website Backup":

3. Select "Generate Backup":

(Note: ensure the "Email Address" field is filled out with your email address to ensure you receive an email when the backup completes

4. Select the newly-generated backup under "Backups Available for Download" to download it to your computer:

You've now successfully created an entire backup of your cPanel acount. 

It's important to remember that the backup creation process will leave a copy of the backup on your server in your /home/USER directory. You'll want to remote any created copies to free up storage space. 

How to remove backups from the server.

To remove any new backups from your server please follow these steps. 

1. Simply select 'File Manager' from the top.

2. Select the 'home/USERNAME' directory from the left-hand side of the file manager interface. 

3. Now right-click the backup you created (it will be named "backup-MM-DD-YY-HH-MM-SS-USERNAME.tar.gz, and select 'Delete' from the menu. 

4. Ensure that 'Skip the trash and permanently delete the files' is checked, then select 'Trash Files' from the menu.




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