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The Benefits of an SSL Certificate

That little lock you see on the left side of your URL address bar (SSL Certificates) offers more than just encrypting connections between browsers and web sites, they can and often do offer multiple benefits to organisations and customers.

  1. To allow for an encryption layer in communications and services – Beyond what has always been considered what SSL certificates have been most useful for, the provision of security when used in e-commerce applications, there are other ways in which SSL-based encryption offers security – through a secured gateway which routes traffic through it ensuring a secure connection either through FTP, or when connecting two networks together.
  2. For user authentication, and key exchange – when dealing with and managing public key infrastructure, or key exchanged peer-to-peer, a key pair is used – one a public key, and the other a private key, which is typically used to authenticate users. As long as the end user has access to both keys they can decode the message.
  3. To ascertain trust – when establishing, and ascertaining trust the term ‘web of trust’ exists to maintain a hierarchy to secure their digital assets through which organisations can leverage in order to be more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers, or users of their products, service, and systems.

SSL certificates offer not just standard web site security, but a whole lot more. WebGo can assist your company, organisation, one-man, or-one-woman-band with securing your web sites, mobile applications, or IT assets with Secure Server Layer Certificates.

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