The Simplicity of WebGo’s Website Builder

WebGo is a leader in making life easier for the novice, or even the expert – with tools that allow the user to maintain maximum control, and simplicity, we truly live up to our maxim in allowing you to ‘go your digital way’ with ease.

Living up to our maxim, WebGo offers great products and services that enable you to build your online and digital presence, without the need to engage developers, or technical experts which typically come at a hefty price.

WebGo offers a website builder product range that allows customers to expand out, or drawn down their requirements according to their needs.

A website builder is a tool that allows the customer to build and construct websites without the need for coding knowledge, or experience, and are typically designed to be user friendly, with ‘point-and-click’, and WYSIWYG functions built-in to to the system.

Plans are available according to the number of pages required, along with either a ‘standard web site’, or an ‘e-commerce’ enabled website which gives users the option of setting up an online shop.

WebGo offers customers products and services that not only make their lives easier, but also offers products that are identified as being in demand, and popular.

The global website builder market is one of many products that are growing in popularity, highlighting the simplicity with which users interact with, and use website builders in their day-to-day business.

The growing popularity of website builders is such that the USA took up about 34% of the global market, followed by Europe at 21%, and Japan at 21% of the total market.

To build your website online with ease and simplicity, visit our website builder product range website today.

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