Top 5 social media tips & tricks

Marketing online can be a hard and difficult process, but thankfully WebGo has a few tips and tricks to help make the process easier, and more straightforward, enabling greater, and improved success.

Take a slice of humble pie – while most companies online today control messaging, and stick to largely positive messaging to reinforce the success and efficacy of their brand or products, and services, often taking a light-hearted self-mocking approach has been shown to yield positive results.

Experiment with stories on social media – there are new features on social media coming out regularly, so it’s important to remain relevant to potential customers by trying out stories released by your brand or company to gain more recognition, and ultimately more of a following.

Re-post content to reinforce a message, or to reach customers previously not reached. While some posts may have an expiry due to ‘relevance’, most if not all posts released through social media can be re-posted.

Leverage your existing customer base – brand followers are regularly looking for way to engage with a brand online, and a following can do more than just buy your products or services. Indeed, followers can be leveraged to ‘re-share’ a post, pass on a message to a friend, family member, or co-worker, and even become a brand advocate by becoming a walking-talking human billboard for the brand. Your potential reach is only limited by your imagination!

Personalise your content, and watch as your customers personify it on your behalf – a good way to reach more customers is by personalising content and showing your existing how their engagement with the product has made their life better, or how a product or service has helped them, prompting the user to share that experience, and relate that experience to their network, reinforcing both your product or service to the original customer, but then gaining potential secondary customers.

For further information on how WebGo can assist your business, brand, or organisation please see our marketing services page for more information.

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